How to find us

            small plates....

* burrata cheese & demi salad

* fried brussel sprouts, thai-style                             

* "mushu duck"-sunny style

* fried chili peppers

* salmon tartare               

* "korean food truck" pork belly tacos

             large plates....

* crispy beef short rib rendang....spicy malaysian curry with boneless short ribs

* beef be bim bop....korean rice dish, veggies, sweet egg, chili sauce    

* herb roast lobster....native corn, baby potatoes, carrot-ginger mash

* bistro steak frites....fried smashed potatoes, gochujang ketchup 

* crispy-skin salmon filet....carrot-ginger mash, native leafy greens

* korean fried chicken legs....maple syrup & gochujang chili sauce